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Entertainment of Friday, 19 May 2017


Shatta Mitchy using Juju to project ‘Diamond Pub & Grill’?

There seem to be a level of uneasiness on social media about the conduct of the queen of the Shatta Movement Empire, Shatta Mitchy at her widely publicized container pub, known as ‘Diamond’s Pub and Grill’.

In a ten seconds video circulating on various social media platforms, the diva is seen to be cleaning glasses used by patrons of her pub but stops to clean her mouth with the same tissue which she was earlier cleaning the glasses with.

She, however, stops cleaning her mouth smeared with lipstick and saliva to use the same tissue to clean the cups which she intends to serve patrons of her pub with.

This video has sparked public outcry with some social media users indicating that the diva is using some spiritual powers known in the local palance as ‘Juju’ to project her business.

Although some section of the social media users think her act was unintentional, some have also chided her considering the health risk people patronizing her facility stand to be affected with.

However, Shatta Movement Empire has failed to come out to address the issue and seem to be enjoying the negative PR Shatt Mitchy has generated for the pub since her action.