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LifeStyle of Tuesday, 24 January 2023


Selfishness creates overwhelming conflicts – Counsellor cautions couples

Marriage counsellor and life management coach, Counsellor Kweku Adumatta Marriage counsellor and life management coach, Counsellor Kweku Adumatta

Renowned marriage counsellor and life management coach, Counsellor Kweku Adumatta, has encouraged couples to value each other and build consensus in marriages.

Speaking on “Conflict Resolution” during another rewarding edition of the 2023 Happy Mass Wedding counselling session, Counsellor Kweku Adumatta, highlighted selfishness as an agent against successful marriages.

According to him, the thought of superiority from one party in marriages and feeling more significant than the other is the basis for marriage destruction.

“In marriages, conflict arises when one person feels like they’re the only person contributing significantly. They push the other against the wall through their deeds and acts. The other also feels opposed and hence pushes back,” he said.

“The basis is that before there’s conflict in marriages, there’s always selfishness. That’s the I know it all, I do everything, I am the only important person here, when I talk no one talks, my decisions are final and all that,” he added.

Mr. Adumatta also indicated that differences in the background bring about conflict in marriages. He however reiterated that most successful marriages come at the back of background differences as he advised couples of the 2023 Happy Mass Wedding to build consensus in their marriages.

“The other aspect is that conflict comes as a result of differences in backgrounds. Where you come from, how you were raised, your favourite foods, what you like and hate and all that. You never marry someone with a similar background as you. So long as there are differences, there are always differences,” he furthered.

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