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Music of Wednesday, 1 August 2007

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Rex Omar considers farming

Rex OmarFamous Ghanaian musician, Rex Omar says he is considering getting into farming or other businesses because there is no respect for owners in Ghana.

“What people tend to forget is that there is a brain that can create something that’s not in existence and make it available to educate and entertain people. Whether the person has formal education or not, don’t underestimate such a person,” Rex says.

According to Rex Omar, copyright issues are not limited to music as it covers every intellectual property. He said there is a lot of talk about information technology (I.T) in Ghana but we forget that those who invent computer software must be protected just as musicians need protection so as to benefit from their intellectual property.

“Now most countries depend on creative economies, it’s no longer about the cocoa, the timber and gold but about what the mind can conceive. There are so many advertising agencies using our songs in advertising products, yet they don’t even recognize that somebody created and invested in the product, yet there is no system to collect these monies for the copyright holders,” Rex Omar sounded off.

Most copyright holders and musicians are cautious about releasing an album as they are uncertain about when the legislative instrument (LI) for the copyright law shall be signed. Rex says he’s unsure when to release another album because of what he’s been through in his twenty-year experience as a creative person in Ghana. He however, called on the authorities in charge to swiftly put the legislative instrument in place so as to protect every intellectual property in Ghana.