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Reasons why arguing in a relationship is healthy

File photo: A couple File photo: A couple

First things first, we aren’t talking about physical fights. We are against those wholeheartedly.

We are referring to those small arguments you and your partner have sometimes. Here are are some reasons why we believe strongly that it’s healthy for your relationship.

It allows you communicate better with your partner

You get to complain about your frustrations and air out your grievances to your partner when you argue. The argument doesn’t have to be over the top with insults and the likes. No! We are talking about you sitting down and explaining to your partner why you don’t like certain things they do. Listening to their responses and coming up with a solution that favors both of you.

The relationship moves forward

When you don’t keep things that bother you in your heart and you sit them out, your partner gets to know you better and knows what to do and not what to do around you. Your relationship moves forward and not backwards especially if you’re both on the same page and communicate effectively.

It increases intimacy

The more you get to know about your partner, the closer both of you get and this in turn increases intimacy between both of you and helps you appreciate each other.

Relieves tension in the relationship

Keeping negative feelings all bottled up is really not okay in a relationship. One day everything bottled up will explode and there might be no coming back from what is said. It’s way better to argue and state exactly what is bothering you.

You get more confident about your relationship

When you argue and you’re able to resolve it amicably, it helps you have more confidence in the relationship because you’re able to face adversity and still overcome it together.

Remember that too much of everything is bad. If you’re always arguing there is a problem somewhere and when it gets physical, both of you should part ways.