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Entertainment of Tuesday, 4 October 2016

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Osibisa never betrayed Kiki Gyan; Vanessa Gyan is ignorant - Kan I

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There seems to be lingering tension between the family of the late Kiki Gyan and the family of Mac Tontoh over the former’s drug use which eventually culminated in his death.

Kan-I who is a musical artist and impresario reignited the controversy surrounding Kiki Gyan’s drug use.

Speaking on Latenu Radio, the “Medibebom” hitmaker, whose real name is Duke Tontoh and is the nephew of both Mac Tontoh and Teddy Osei of Osibisa, ripped into Vanessa Gyan, Kiki Gyan’s daughter.

Dj Gbongbu asked him what he thought about pervasive drug use in the music industry, referring to Kiki Gyan as a perfect case study of bow drug use can ruin a person’s career.

In response to the question, Kan-I noted that he personally does not use drugs nor does he hang around any artiste who does because he knew Kiki Gyan personally and saw the devastation that drugs did to his career.

“Kiki could have been a very big international superstar if it wasn’t for his indulgence in some hard drugs”, he said.

Dj Gbongu then interrupted Kan-I and asked him what he thought about Kiki Gyan’s daughter saying that Osibisa betrayed her father by not stopping him from drug use. Kan-I seemingly got angry by the question and ripped into Vanessa Gyan.

“Vanessa doesn’t even know her father enough to say that somebody betrayed him. She has never met him, she doesn’t know what she is talking about. Ask her if she saw her father even once all through his painful drug episode.

I know the story of Osibisa and Kiki’s struggles so it amused me when I read the story. Even my uncle Teddy Osei of Osibisa called me and asked who this Vanessa lady was and why she is saying these things. I know how hard Osibisa and Mac Tontoh in particular tried to help Kiki Gyan.

Vanessa sounded dumb and ignorant. Osibisa gave Kiki Gyan his opportunity to shine and they loved him, why would they betray him? She needs to go sit down somewhere”

Kan-I also jabbed at controversial hiplife artist Wisa Greid.

When he was asked for his advice for upcoming artistes he said “Don’t be disrespectful like Wisa or else your career will be short. Show respect to the legends and don’t show your manhood on stage”.

Kan-I was on the radio to promote his Canni Bi energy drink venture with Tinny and his upcoming song which features Jupitar.