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Movies of Friday, 23 October 2015

Source: Anita Dankwah

NDC, NPP supporters fight over 'Divine Intelligence' movie

Divine Intelligence Divine Intelligence

The much anticipated Christian movie, "Divine Intelligence", has assumed political dimensions with supporters of both the two major political parties in Ghana, NDC and NPP claiming 'ownership' of the writer and director of the movie, Sammy Ankrah.

During a gathering of Africans at a function in Peckham in South London on Monday night, Divine Intelligence movie came up for discussion among the Ghanaians present which included both NDC and NPP sympathisers.

But for the timely intervention of some South African, Kenyan and Nigerian nationalities present at the event, an ugly scene would have ensued between the NDC and NPP supporters as a result of an allegation made by one of the NDC supporters, Elinam Nutor.

Mr Nutor claimed Sammy Ankrah was an NDC because he had seen him on at least two occasions at the Ghana High commission having a meeting with the then Ghana High Commissioner to the UK, Professor Danso Boafo, during his time as Ghana's High Commissioner to the UK.

He claimed he had even sighted a photograph of Sammy Ankrah and Professor Danso Boafo together somewhere, and could produce that photograph when given some time.

Edna Gyasi (an NPP sympathiser), however, discounted Mr Nutor's claim and said that the Ghana High Commission in UK was for all Ghanaians and not members of the government in power alone.

Consequently, the movie director being seen (if only that was true) in a meeting at the Ghana High commission in UK some time ago with the then Ghana High Commissioner, Prof Danso Boafo, or being in a photo pose with him did not necessarily mean his party affiliation was the NDC.

She proceeded to say that she knew Sammy Ankrah was an NPP because she had personally seen him in some of the NPP executive meetings in the UK and had personally taken pictures of him with some of the NPP bigwigs which she said she had on her phone right there (unlike Elinam who said he needed time to go and look for his 'picture evidence'), but would not show the reporter the said pictures on her phone when asked.

She therefore accused the NDC of having nothing good to offer Ghanaians but always wanting to take credit for any good thing coming from the NPP quarters.

This allegation by Anna Gyasi made another NDC sympathiser, Dominic Abayitey, retort that if she claimed that Sammy Ankrah belonged to them (the NPP) then it made it more interesting because it meant that their own 'top man' was exposing their fake pastors in the movie since it was a known fact that all Ghanaian fake pastors and prophets were NPP sympathisers.

This sarcastic statement from the NDC sympathiser developed into a hot political argument between the NPP and NDC supporters present at the function resulting in the near-ugly scene which the Nigerians, Kenyans and other African nationalities present at the function jumped in to diffuse before the police could be called in.

In another development, information coming from some NPP quarters in Kumasi as reported by Clement Acheampong, indicates that the controversial NPP registration plate, "YR03 NPP" in the upcoming movie, is actually an NPP secret code and the full meaning of the code will be disclosed to the public soon.

Enjoy the movie trailer below: