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Music of Sunday, 10 December 2006


Mzbel Tells Her Story

Gender balance is what almost every lady is fighting for after Beijing conference and Mzbel is no exception.

She realized the limited number of ladies in the circular music front and came into music to bridge the broad gab.

Her real name is Nana Akua Amoah and she hails from Mankesim in the Central Region. She went to Morning Star, Owusu Mill J.S.S, Abuakwa state College, Institute of languages and Manifold Tutorial College where she studied TV and Film production.

Is the twenty three (23) year old lady making the most out of the fact that she is probably the only female artiste doing circular music? Well, find out from her in this exclusive interview.

GB: Would you say you were born with the talent as most artiste say?
Mzbel: No I wouldn?t say that because I never had any dream of becoming a musician. All along I wanted to become a broadcaster but the music just came from nowhere, so I don?t know if I should call it talent or hard work.

GB: How did you enter music?
Mzbel: I was employed at Hush Hush studio as a production assistant but at that time the studio was very new and people were not patronizing it, so I took advantage of it and came out with my first album ?Awoso me? which even became bigger than I expected. I?m now out with my second album so I am in a serious music business now.

GB: Do you see yourself in the business?
Mzbel: I think I?m doing well and its fun because it was my first time and response I had from people was amazing. That is what has kept me going. The future is still bright.

GB: As a lady, how do you compete with guys?
Mzbel: Well it?s not easy but I study their movement on stage, the way they rap, their chorus, the way they dress and I try to do more than that as a lady. For instance if you listen to my first album I was a little soft but with this new one I want to move hard on the rap. I think I?m even doing better than some of the guys.

GB: Do you face any problems working with guys?
Mzbel: Yes, some of the guys looked down on me. They think what I?m doing can?t take me anywhere. If there is a show and my name is mentioned they think there is nothing better I can do. Some see me and they can?t even say hi but some are really nice.

GB: Did you work with any broadcasting house before coming into music?
Mzbel: After education I did an attachment with TV3 as production assistant and a floor manager, I work with Metro TV as a producer for smash TV and later as an editor before I came to Hush Hush.

GB: Does it mean you have forgotten about broadcasting now that you are into music?
Mzbel: For now I think I?m enjoying music so I don?t know. May be as time goes on things might change but at the moment I?m enjoying the music business.

GB: Was it that easy for you to enter into music?
Mzbel: For the first album it just happened so I didn?t go through any difficulties of looking for a producer or anything. It is this second album that faced some problems like misunderstanding between my producer and I, difference in preference and so many things but thank God I?m out.

GB: What would you call your biggest achievement?
Mzbel: It was when I appeared on the Kora West African discovery competition, as a new artist. It was something that I never thought could come my way but it did.

GB: Are you expecting any award in the up coming Ghana Music Awards?
Mzbel: Of course, nobody will reject an award. If I have why not I will definitely go for it, so I?m looking forward to it. That is if there is any for me, but meanwhile I already won an award in the UK and was nominated in different categories in Italy.

GB: Are you married?
Mzbel: No! I?m not married

GB: Anytime soon?
Mzbel: I can?t tell but lets keep our fingers crossed.

GB: What makes you different from other female artistes?
Mzbel: I think I?m very creative and hardworking, because apart from singing I also do serious art as in drawing and painting.

GB: How long would you like to do music?
Mzbel: I wanted to do music till I?m thirty (30) because I believe by then I will be married with children so would have to concentrate on my family but if I?m still fit and free I?ll continue, but may be in gospel or highlife.

GB: What is your favorite food?
Mzbel: Hot rice with thick palm nut soup.

GB: Any hobby?
Mzbel: Yes I really enjoy swimming and talking.

GB: Who do you look up to as a role model?
Mzbel: I took a lot of inspiration from Destiny?s child and Jennifer Lopez.

GB: Finally what would you tell Ghanaians?
Mzbel: I love everybody even my enemies and I thank everybody for accepting me when I first came on the music scene. I have studied them and I know what they want, so they should go and get a copy of my new album because I did it for them. They should keep supporting me.