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Entertainment of Thursday, 18 July 2013

Source: Gifty Owusu-Amoah

My husband is my star - Beverly Afaglo

It has been more than two years since bubbly actress, Beverly Afaglo, and her husband Eugene Baah of Praye group tied the knot. Contrary to what happens to many celebrity marriages which crash after a short while, these two appear to be cruising past their second milestone.

Beverly intends to keep her marriage intact and does not make a secret of it. “My marriage comes first before my career. I understood it before I decided to be part and for now, my marriage is my priority and won’t even mind sacrificing my acting career for the good of my marriage” she told Showbiz last Monday.

Beverly who shares a 10-month old baby girl, Violin, with Eugene refuted the “popular” claim that in celebrity marriages there are often ego issues that develop with time and subsequently wreck such marriages.

“There is nothing like an ego or a star in my marriage. Our marriage is not about who is more popular but it is about a man and woman who have decided to settle down and live together for the rest of their lives and it requires more work and commitment to make that happen.

“I am a Christian and I wholeheartedly accept that my husband is the head of the family who I must revere. It is not Beverly the actress and Eugene the music star but a husband and wife and I am sure anyone would agree with me that as a wife, I need to respect my husband so why would I want to be insubordinate to a man who has honoured me by taking me to the altar? She queried.

“Going through counseling and being a Christian, I should know that as the woman, I need to be submissive to my husband. No matter how powerful I maybe, I am a wife, therefore I must stand by my husband and give him the needed respect as the star of my home” she said.

The award winning actress who is noted for her role in the television series I’m About To Wed said that she acknowledges the challenges that come with marriage but she has braced herself well to confront such issues when they come up in future.

“I know that marriage is not always rosy. At least with my little experience, I have come to realise that it gets really sweet sometimes and gets bitter too but that is how it is. With respect and understanding, I am sure we will overcome every challenge”.

The “Single Six” star revealed that she has no room for any third party. “I don’t have time for people and their gossip about my husband. I dated my husband for five years before we settled down so I know him well enough to tell if my husband is doing anything bad. He respects my opinions and decisions and that is what I really love about him. I stopped reading comments about ourselves on the net and I think that has really helped me. I had the option to choose other guys who could have been my husband but I chose Eugene because he showed a lot of potential. He may not have the luxury of money to shower on me now but I know that he has got the potential.

I wanted one who would love me for who I am and Eugene knew me when I wasn’t the Beverly everybody knew. Money is not everything but one who will give me peace of mind and cherish me as a life partner not one who would control me like a remote handset because he provides all my needs” she stated.

With two movie productions in the offing, Beverly who took a maternity break in her career says she is warming herself for other roles but admitted that it was not going to be easy juggling her duties as a wife, mother and actress.

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