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Moans and Cuddles: Feminists are not financially independent in their relationships – Queen Nita

Ghanaian writer, Queen Nita play videoGhanaian writer, Queen Nita

• Queen Nita believes that feminists are not financially independent in their marriages or relationships

• She revealed that woman are expected to managers of the home whilst men serve as the providers

• Queen Nita has called for proper education on gendered roles in marriages and relationships

Ghanaian writer, Queen Nita, has posited that feminists, who make-believe that there are no such things as gendered roles are financially dependent on their male partners in their relationships and marriages.

Speaking on Moans and Cuddles on GhanaWeb TV, she told host, Paulina Dedaa Opoku that she has come across strong-willed feminists who left their marriages at a time where their husbands were going through financial difficulties.

According to her, when the partners of these feminists could no longer “afford the lifestyle they are used to” they left their marriage.

“Let me tell you, feminist themselves are not financially independent in their relationship. Even those that are financially independent are not so in their relationship. They even have the biggest problem when their man does not provide for them financially. I know feminist, I know men whose wives are feminist and they left them because they were not earning the income they used to earn before. These are men whose wives are very strong, educated independent women but they left their husbands because they have come to a point where they are unable to afford the kind of lifestyle they are used to and these are feminists," Queen Nita revealed.

She maintained that women are expected to be managers of the home whereas men are the providers. These gendered roles, Queen Nita explained are mostly confused by some feminists.

“No matter how financially independent a woman is, so long as she is in a relationship or she is married, once there is the presence of a male figure in her life, he provides. He may not be the highest earner… but he will provide. By the mere fact that they are men, they are providers and women manage the household.”

She further added: “Generally, men are providers. Because of the current dispensation of feminism and the campaign for female equality the gendered roles is being confused in the conversation. Some roles are gendered and I know that what I am saying will wrap feathers but it is the truth, it’s a fact. Unless we have begun that kind of conversation for us to stop confusing everything and let us distinguish and accept that we have roles.”

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