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Moans and Cuddles: A man who ghosts a woman without explanation is a coward – Queen Nita

Writer, Queen Nita play videoWriter, Queen Nita

• Men have been advised to give women closure when ending their relationships

• According to Queen Nita, any man who ghosts a woman without closure is a coward

• She believes that closure heals a woman who is going through a breakup

Writer, Queen Nita, who made an appearance on GhanaWeb’s relationship show, Moans and Cuddles, has described men who abandon women in a relationship without any tangible explanation as “cowards.”

According to her, women who experience such heartbreaks usually don’t get closure and go about wondering why their partners bowed out of the relationship.

Queen Nita described the "ghosting" phase as tormenting and has advised men to at least sit their partners down and explain why they want to go their separate ways in marriage or a relationship.

“One of the things I can’t deal with is to be left hanging and not get closure. It is only meaningful and respectful. It is only cowards who walk out of a relationship without being bold enough to tell their partners that they are no longer interested.

“I say it without reservation, any man that has ghosted a woman, any man that has walked out of a relationship without telling the woman he’s no longer interested is a coward. A very big coward,” she told the host of Moans and Cuddles, Paulina Dedaa Opoku.

She further added: “The very same way you approached the woman and expressed your interest to her, approach the woman and tell her that you are no longer interested. If you wouldn’t do it one-on-one, you can do it on a phone call or via text message. At least do the honourable thing, give the person closure."

“Eventually the person will be hurt and they might cry and throw tantrums but at the end of the day, they will have their closure and then come to the realization that it is over," she explained.

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