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Mistakes that cause your hair to get tangled

File photo: Natural hair File photo: Natural hair

Your hair getting tangled is one of the worse things ever because if you don’t detangle it properly, it leads to hair breakages and you not retaining length, which is every natural girl’s nightmare.

There are certain practices that increase the chances of your hair getting tangled up. Check them out.

Postponing wash days

I know first hand, how wash days can be time consuming and stressful but if it isn’t done, you lose a lot of moisture in the hair and this makes the hair harder and very brittle; causing it to get tangled.

Not braiding your hair before sleeping

I don’t mean dividing your hair into so many sections and braiding it but even if it’s dividing the hair into 2 parts; the left side and right side, and braiding it or even in 4 parts. If you can do cornrows too you can do it. This really helps keep your ends in check and not getting knotted up.

Using a lot of heat

If you keep using heat on your hair there’s a greater chance of you getting split ends and that causes your hair to get tangled very easily.

Product build up

When you allow product build up to occur, it can cause your hair to get tangled easily. Low porous hair tends to build up products easily and so if you fall under this category, it would mean that you’ll have to wash your hair more often than others.

Not trimming your ends

When was the last time you actually trimmed your ends? The more you keep postponing this, the more your ends keep getting split and as we said earlier, split ends get tangled easily.

Which of these are you guilty of doing?