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LifeStyle of Sunday, 4 April 2021

Source: 3 News

Men narrate terrifying experiences in relationships on Onua FM

Men are typically considered to be psychologically strapping in dealing with issues of life but the story seems to be a mere pretence as scores of men on Friday 26 March wept bitterly and uncontrollably as they narrated terrifying but attention-grabbing experiences in relationships on the radio.

Most of them who spoke on condition of anonymity on a relationship programme on Onua FM dubbed: Relationship Friday narrated excruciating stories of ill-treatment meted out to them by their wives or concubines.

Relationship Friday is a segment on Yen Sempa morning show every Friday from 8: 30am to 10 am which allows the general public to share experiences in relationships that they need someone to talk to and seek counselling.

The narrations clearly revealed that men suffer the most in marriages and relationships than women as perceived.
The stories were lack lusting and tear-jerking as it proved that some men are really dying slowly inwardly in relationships.

The men sobbed in rancorous voices as they tell the abuse and ordeal they are going through in the hands of spouses they apparently love.

Some individuals were down spirited, heartbroken as they boldly threatened on the radio to take the lives of their couples as a payback ignoring the consequences of such action.

Particularly a guy called onto the show and told the host Kwame Tutu that his woman is pressing hard that he allows her to flirt around with sugar daddies because he is not able to meet her demands.

He described women as loving but the craftiest and dangerous individuals one has to trust, love, and adore with vigilance.

He vowed not to genuinely love a woman from the heart and attributed the frequent murder in relationships to these behavioural attitudes of women.

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