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Entertainment of Friday, 20 April 2018


Marijuana can create millionaires for Ghana – David Oscar

David Oscar David Oscar

Comedian and singer, David Oscar has rekindled the debate on whether or not Ghana should legalise marijuana, otherwise known as wee, suggesting that the herb can create huge revenue for the state.

He asserts that it is wrong for anyone to describe the herb as a drug considering the fact that it is natural.

“There is a bigger conversation to this whole herb matter than just branding it as a drug. This is a plant that grows in the soil like any other plant does” he argued on Daybreak Hitz, Thursday.

As monitored by, David Oscar underscored the need for a national debate on whether marijuana should be legalised to enable proper regulation of the herb.

“Why don’t we begin to open up a debate in our schools for our kids to research and debate about it?” He queried. “I think that is the way we can educate people about the benefits of it…”

“A certain KIA track was impounded by NACOB; the street value of that was GHC 500,000. If one KIA track is GHC 500,000, two will be GHC 1m. What about trailers? This has a potential of actually creating millionaires” he added.

According to the musician, aside the economic potentials, the medicinal value of cannabis cannot be underestimated.

Using himself as an example, he said he once took the herb to cure an illness he had been battling for years.

“I had a medical condition. Somehow, I got into contact with it. I had been taking painkillers for two years. This thing came and in less than two weeks, it shrunk” he testified.

David Oscar who just released a single, ‘Never Chat Them’ indicated that legalising ‘ganja’ will not lead to its abuse once there are proper regulations.