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Entertainment of Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Source: Cousellor Adofoli

Lifestyle: Love is not cheap

Love is not cheap as people think. If it was then the question is, why are lots of people in bad relationships when they can easily afford a good one?

Why do we have so much fake love parading? Why is true love so hard to find? This is happening because we are giving what is so expensive to people who can’t afford it and due to that many don’t know its worth.

If you are paying for something, you feel for it, you know how to maintain and take care of it. Love requires total commitment, dedication, attention, apparition, work and sacrifice. These are just some price to pay for love. Love costs everything.

People take your time, feelings, effort and what you bring to the table for granted because your love costs nothing to them, it has no value. To love means to care and caring comes at a cost. If not there won’t be a need for paying a bride price.

Love is not for rent or a moment of rental, it’s not a relationship which resulted because someone bought airtime or data bundle for you, it’s not as a result of someone getting you pizza or taking you out for an expensive date, or buying expensive clothes for you; it’s not a relationship as a result of someone putting pressure on you to have sex with them.

These are not love. Love is costly and doesn’t come easily. Reserve your heart for someone who wants a lifetime commitment; that doesn’t come easily. It’s a full time job.

Many people sell themselves so cheap with the ideology that love doesn’t cost a thing, and this is making their partners not see their value. What you accept speaks volumes about your value. If you want to be loved, love yourself first; appreciate yourself because you know your value. You will stop giving people discount. No one will make you feel loved unless you decide to be loved. True love will not come to you. It can only come from you.

Become everything you want, be everything you need, mean everything to yourself and that’s how people will see you. If you dress like a mad person, don’t be angry when you are called one. If you are desperate looking for someone to love and appreciate you, don’t be surprised when you meet people who are empty seeking what you seek.

Such partners make you cry, they hurt you, they are not worthy of your precious tears, time, effort, sacrifice. They just make you feel terrible.

A lot have become so damaged that they don’t know what they deserve, anything at all goes. Instead of closing their heart for renovation, working on themselves, repairing the damage before they open the door to anyone in the name of love, they don’t.

Bad ingredients cannot guarantee you a tasty and healthy meal. Having a good marriage entirely depends on your singleness. If what you accept is bad, don’t blame anyone for a bad marriage.

It cost God the life of Christ to save us. That’s how expensive love is. Love is not cheap. If they claim they love you, what are they prepared to give up for you?

In conclusion, “But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners” – Romans 5:8 (NLT)