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It is nobody’s business whether I wear panties or not – Baby Blanche

Actress Baby Blanche (L) during an interview with Zionfelix (R) play videoActress Baby Blanche (L) during an interview with Zionfelix (R)

Outspoken actress Baby Blanche has stated without mincing words that it is nobody’s business whether or not she wears panties.

The actress who took her turn on Celebrity Ride with Zionfelix said even though Ghanaians know there is truth in what she is advocating, because of hypocrisy they don’t want to accept the truth.

She claimed that many women walk up to her on the street to congratulate her for being bold to talk about the issues. According to Baby Blanche even male friends of hers appreciate the fact that she has chosen to go that way knowing that vaginal odour is ruining most relationships.

Asked whether she has lost any deals and product ambassadorial offers because of her stance on wearing panties, the actress said as far as she could remember no one has offered her a deal yet, or suspended a deal because she doesn’t wear panties.

“Well already I don’t have any deals, no one has approached me yet. I know I spoke the truth, the things is Ghanaians know the truth but they don’t like to be told the truth, they don’t like people who speak up and are bold, but I have had women approach me and thank me for telling the truth, even some of my male friends have given me thumbs up. I have said what I have said. My male friends tell me the difficulty in dealing with vaginal odour, for those who know the truth they have accepted the campaign” she said.

For those who don’t know her, she acts really raunchy roles and has starred in Movies like Hot Fork, Adults Only, What sex Can Do, among others.

Baby Blanche was in the news for advocating for women not women not to wear panties because according to her, wearing panties gives them vaginal odour.

She insisted that she will not wear panties, something her boyfriend’s know and would not leave her because of that.

In a related interview when Zionfelix asked her if she would act porn for $1million, Baby Blanche said because she wasn’t a porn star that would be a no for her, however when he asked again if she will go naked without sleeping with anyone, she responded by saying if she asked her mother and she gave her the go-ahead she would.

“If it is just a picture, and I don’t have to sleep with anyone, then for $1million I would, but only upon my mother’s approval”.