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Is your relationship a private one or a secret one?

File photo: A couple File photo: A couple

Everyone now is trying to keep their relationships on the low. Nobody wants to really talk about their partners and post them on social media and all of that and that’s okay. It’s fine to want a private relationship where it’s just the 2 of you. No outside voices. It becomes a different issue when it feels like the relationship isn’t “private” but rather a secret.

Beyonce and Jay Z have a private relationship. Nobody knows anything they don’t want us to know. They are in the public eye but we still don’t really know what caused Solange to fight Jay Z in the elevator. If Beyonce didn’t come out with her album we wouldn’t have known Jay Z was cheating with “Becky with the good hair” and oh! We still don’t know who “Becky with the good hair” is. The definition of a private relationship.

Make sure your partner isn’t disgracing you behind your back and taking you “fi ediat”. Here’s how you can tell that they want the relationship to be kept a secret.

They don’t want you to mention their names to anyone

Major red flag that you’re in a secret relationship and not a private one. In private relationships, at least people know who you’re dating especially those close to you. If you can’t tell them the name of your partner, it means you’re keeping them a secret.

You say you’re single when asked about your relationship status

You don’t want to state that you’re in a relationship because you don’t want people asking you about your partner and you don’t want it to look like you’re hiding them. The best thing for you is to just say you’re single so there’s no more drama. That’s a secret relationship boo, and not a private one.

No one in your social circle has interacted with them before

This goes 2 ways. It’s either the people in your social circle have interacted with your partner, but they didn’t know that the person was your partner. Y’all just talk like you’re friends. They don’t know there’s something between the 2 of you. Or they haven’t met your partner before. You’re deliberately hiding both parties. This is a secret relationship please. It’s not private.

You never go out together in public

You try as much as possible not to be seen together in public. Every date night is at one person’s house. If you have to be seen in public you both brainstorm on the excuse to give to people who might see you together. This is a proper secret relationship. Don’t deceive yourself.

Lastly, ask yourself this question. If you told someone that you were dating your partner, will your partner be angry at you? Will you even be comfortable telling someone that you 2 are dating?

If your partner will be angry at you and you cannot bring yourself to reveal to anyone that both of you are dating, you know the type of relationship you’re in. And it’s not a private one.