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Entertainment of Monday, 15 May 2017


Is Moesha Boudong in showbiz or show boobs fraternity - NYDj quizzes

The advent of social media has made the celebrity space in Ghana a very cheap one and for this reason any individual could be made a star in just a twinkle of an eye regardless of whether what the individual did is for public good or not.

There have been several discussions on how some individuals who are addressed as celebrities were given the tag celebrity and whether they deserve it. Some have worked at clearing the negative perceptions about them and have worked hard to be recognised as great brands.

Some continue to stagnate where they are and continue to do the same old negative thing that people know them for. An example of such people is Moesha Boudong. She became relevant in the entertainment industry after pulling some stunts on her Instagram page.

Although she has through these stunts been handed several roles in some locally produced movies, she seem not to move on in making a better name as she continues to sell herself as a sex toy to the public with the release of racy pictures online.

Celebrity blogger and founder of NY DJ media, Ebenezer Donkor is worried that Moesha has not been able to move out of the shell of nudity to make a better name for herself.

In a post on Facebook, he recalled how some now celebrities were perceived but have been able to build good brands and names for themselves. He was, however, worried that Moesha after all the spotlight and fame enjoyed cannot take herself out of the shell of nudity.

He posted "When Peace Hyde first entered the showbiz industry in Ghana, we all saw a curvaceous sex idol but with just a few months she successfully redirected our description to that beautiful, smart and intelligent woman.

Anytime I heard Sandrah Ankobiah, the only thing that came to mind was Paedae but today, she's gradually managed to wipe that and paints the image of responsible corporate young woman and a go getter with the world at her feet.

Unfortunately, I can't say same for Moesha Boudong. She's consistently managed to update me of that talentless forced actress who's got nothing to show but her ass and real representation of a sex idol.

To all the boss chicks and IG turned celebrities, you only remind me of how 'hungry' some men are over your sex idol bodies that occupies your TL.

It's all about choices. Whichever way you want it, remember you can dictate the narrative. #Nydjlve".