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Entertainment of Wednesday, 5 September 2018


Invite pastors for a meeting if you want to tax churches - Obofour to Nana Addo

Rev Obofour has finally commented on the issue of Ghanaian churches to pay tax and he believes President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and anyone in charge of tax in Ghana should call on heads of Churches in Ghana to pass the information on and not to come on media and make such statements.

Deputy Attorney General, Mr Godfred Yeboah Dame, appealed to churches to fulfil their tax obligations on the commercial activities they engage in.

According to him, the current laws of the country warranted that churches paid taxes for activities which were commercial or profit-oriented.

Considering the fact that some churches were currently engaged in business for profit, the Deputy Attorney-General stated that it was only fair for them to fulfill their obligations to the state.

Rev Obofour speaking to his APC church members says, the channel of communication was not right.

“If the success of foreign companies are the priority of most Ghanaians then, Ghanaians were have a problem.” He said.

Speaking on the issue of Churches been taxed, Obofour said Ghana will prosper if Ghanaians do what is obliged.

“If the Government wants to take tax, the president or the GRA boss must call the Pastors with due respect and sit with us and say Pastors what other works do you do so we can take tax from you. But if you come and sit on radio and say it, to me, you haven’t communicated to me yet, because I demand more respect from the office in charge.” captured that whiles he spoke to the congregation.

Rev Obofour has put his wealth on display to show the entire world the wealth he has amassed as a result of doing the work of God.

The man of God disclosed that the majority of Ghanaians think he made his money from poor people in his church but that isn’t the case, he bragged that he made his money from his 14 companies.

The Kumasi-based man of God added that he had those businesses before God called him to do His work and that all his houses and luxurious cars were bought from his personal businesses.

“I have over 14 to 15 serious Companies, I’m not joking, I don’t make my money from Church.”- Rev Obofour said this after dashing Anti Bee of Efiewura Fame a brand new car.