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Entertainment of Saturday, 12 March 2016

Source: Patrick Fynn/Facebook

Inspiration from the street: An enterprise in a wheelchair

Osei Kwadwo, facebook Osei Kwadwo, facebook

Adjacent the Accra Psychiatric Hospital, this man who is disabled is stuck to a wheelchair makes a living from hawking.

He wears well-pressed shirts and fixes a tie to give him a professional look and his appearance turns all heads to his direction.

People living with disabilities who throng the streets are noted for begging for alms, but has broken that jinx by running an enterprise from his wheelchair. The 46-year-old man grabs opportunity from what will somewhat be seen as a difficulty.

Apparently, he has had to live with a congenital abnormality that has disallowed him from walking since birth. He has no support from neither relatives nor friends - he joins other street hawkers to have a night sleep at the premises of a nearby company and only lives from hand to mouth.

But trust me, Osei is one of the happiest people on earth. He tells me how much he's received favors from people, how he's become the centre of attraction on the streets, how much lucrative his business is and above all his plans of acquiring a land to build himself an apartment.

When you pass by this street, do take a moment to learn from this man. His life will excite you. Be inspired to make the most of your life. You Are On Your Own