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Music of Thursday, 19 December 2019


I won’t be like ‘ungrateful’ and ‘liar’ Yaw Berk – Krymi

Highly Spiritual Music signee Krymi Highly Spiritual Music signee Krymi

Highly Spiritual Music signee Krymi says unlike his former colleague Yaw Berk who spewed lies against Kaywa and smeared the reputation of the label boss with mud, he will not do such nor show any signs of ungratefulness.

The singer told 3FM’s MzGee in an interview that Kaywa has been a blessing to him, hence the last thing on his mind is paying a ‘marvelous man’ with ingratitude.

“I’m loyal to Highly Spiritual Music not because of what I’m looking for but what I see ahead,” he said. “I feel that if I stay with Highly Spiritual, it’s a learning process for me. No matter how tough I feel it is, no matter the situation, it’s a learning care for me and I feel I enjoy learning whatever I’m learning. You all know that Kaywa is a fantastic person when it comes to music, when it comes to personality.”

While his comment suggested he would forever be with the record label regardless, Krymi clarified that his exit would be discussed among the team when the need arises.

“It depends on the person’s dream or mission. If it tallies with what we have, we can give it a thought,” he noted.

Krymi vehemently criticized Yaw Berk when the latter alleged that a studio infested with bedbugs, among other things, caused his exit from Highly Spiritual record label. The artiste, who made the studio his home, said he only wanted to get closer to the work.

Months after the incident, Krymi, one of the five artistes signed and unveiled in January last year, insists the claims are untrue. He told MzGee that aside the lies peddled by Yaw Berk, the approach was wrong.

“I feel you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. I feel no matter how bad the situation is, this is not the good way to deal with it,” he said. “You should know how to deal with it. Instead of going public, rather go to the person. If you go public and exaggerate and say things that are not true which I can testify, because I also stayed in the studio, then I think you have an ulterior motive which is wrong.”

Meanwhile, Yaw Berk has apologized for his choice of words.