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Entertainment of Sunday, 17 November 2013


I will beat anyone who talks against Kumasi movies - Kwaku Manu

Kumasi Movies, mostly known as Kumawood movies have come under lots of criticisms for the quality of movies produced. Dominant among these condemnations is the unrestrained use of insults in the movies.

‘Kumawood’ superstar, Kwaku Manu has stated that he will personally beat anyone who talks against Kumasi movies.

In a conversation with Peace FM’s reporter, Akua Dufa Aboagye-Minta, he said those who complain about these insults in Kumasi movies buy American movies which are also dominated by insults and people going naked but because they are Americans, they find nothing wrong with it.

“Insult is part of our language but all the same, we have listened to complains of the usage of more insults in our movies. We are trying very hard to stop that act because we produce the movie for Ghanaians so if they complain, we must listen to them and change from that. For me Kwaku Manu, I’ve changed from it” He continued.

He added that most of Kumawood actors were brought up from the village so people shouldn’t be surprised for the manipulation of more insults in their movies.

“Looking at the movies we produce in Kumasi, they are village movies because most of us (Kumawood actors) are from the village. Over there, insults were used haphazardly. Our parents used to insults us anyhow even when they were calling us “

Kwaku Manu climaxed the interview with a warning to those who insult them with the pretense of criticizing their movies.

“Know how to criticize us. You don’t just condemn us anyhow and say we are illiterates that’s why we are talking like that. I, Kwaku Manu will personally beat you if I hear you insult us.”