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Entertainment of Thursday, 22 January 2015


I never said I made $8000 with my nude picture - Deborah Vanessa

Model, TV Presenter and Singer Deborah Vanessa Owusu, more commonly known in entertainment circles as Sister Debbie, has revealed that she never stated anywhere that she earned $8000 with her nude picture as some media houses have reported.
Speaking in an exclusive interview on Neat FM’s “Entertainment Ghana”, Sister Debbie said whoever will believe that story is either ignorant or is up to some mischief.
“First of all, the story is a misquotation or misinterpretation. That is not what I said because I posted my artistic nude picture on Instagram not on YouTube. YouTube and Instagram, they have nothing to do with each other. They are two different platforms and two different entities. So how can I make money on YouTube with a picture I posted on Instagram?”
She explained that she was asked on Starr FM if she has made money on YouTube since she first released “Uncle Obama” video, and she answered that since 2012 when she released her first music video on YouTube, she has made a total of about $8000 with all her videos on her YouTube channel which has nothing to do with her nude picture or Instagram.
“So it doesn't mean that even with my YouTube account, somebody from YouTube entered my room to give me $8000 in an envelope. It wasn't a one off thing, it took time. It accumulates over a long period of time and that money is not just from Uncle Obama video, it’s from all the videos I have uploaded on my YouTube channel since 2012”.
Asked if she has confronted Starr FM about the story, Debbie said she was very disappointed when she was told that the story originated from Starr FM, the same station she granted the interview. She said she contacted Kafui Dey on Twitter and Kafui was equally shocked that such a story has been published because he knows she didn't say that. Sister Deborah said Kafui has even offered to give the audio interview to anybody who wants to know what she really said.
“I actually called the editor and I realized that the editor is in the media but he is not too familiar with YouTube, Instagram and whole social media thing but I wasn't angry I just had to explain the basics to them that posting a picture on Instagram, is not connected in any way to the $8000 or my nude picture”.
Debbie however, admitted that she intentionally released the nude picture herself on her Instagram page to increase the views for new “Borla” video on YouTube because she realized her views on YouTube was slowing down and indeed she achieved her aim.
Deborah said she is a free minded person and she can decide to do whatever she wants to do.