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Entertainment of Monday, 31 May 2021


I never exchanged sex for movie roles – Mercy Asiedu

Actress Mercy Asiedu Actress Mercy Asiedu

• Mercy Asiedu has urged budding actresses to desist from 'sex for roles'

• According to her, she never slept with a movie producer nor directors for roles

• She maintained that the 'God factor' is the key to success

Actress Mercy Asiedu while entreating ladies eager to venture into acting to not trade sexual favours for advancement mentioned that she gained popularity through diligence and grace.

The filmmaker in an interview with Graphic Showbiz said she never slept her way to the top, adding that exchanging sex for movie roles does not in any way guarantee success.

“To be a star is not easy. It is not something you rush for, it is God’s favour that can take you there. It is not true that you have to sleep with someone to become a star,” she remarked.

“Throughout my career, no one slept with me. Miracle Films discovered me from Concert Party. Oftentimes, some of the young ones believe they have to sleep with producers and directors to become stars but there are some who slept with these producers and we didn’t see their stardom.

“If you ask for God’s favour and you are really interested and work hard, God’s favour will be upon you and you will become a star. With patience and humility, you will get there. The stars you see today did not become so overnight, it is many years of hard work and dedication so be patient, work hard and seek the face of God and at the appointed time, you will get there,” she further advised.

The discussion on ‘sex for movie roles’ keeps resurfacing as some actresses, producers and directors claim to have been victims.

A few days ago, actor, director and scriptwriter Kwaku Twumasi revealed that actresses offer themselves for sex to directors in order to be cast in movies.

“Previously the narrative was that we the directors or anyone who has some level of influence in the production of a movie demand for sex before casting the artistes especially the women,” he said on Akoma FM’s Kwantenpon Drive.

“I have no personal experience, but I won’t deny it doesn’t happen; it does… A lot of the times, the women will use you the director or producer as a means to achieve their aim of becoming stars.

“So, mostly they will be the ones to use you if you are not vigilant. They will offer you sex for a preferable role,” Mr Twumasi disclosed.