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I have done everything humanly possible to have a child - Selly Galley

Selly Galley and Cartel Big J tied the knot 5 years ago Selly Galley and Cartel Big J tied the knot 5 years ago

In Ghana, childbearing expectations remain high especially for young couples immediately they tie the knot. This is because children are seen as a means of preserving family names and traditions.

Unfortunately, women are mostly blamed for childlessness in marriages, irrespective of underlying causes.

The pressure to produce children is very intense for public figures who have a huge following on social media. Fans of these public figures constantly remind celebrities why they need to have babies.

Such is the ordeal of 32-year-old Selly Galley-Fiawoo, an actress, and TV presenter who is married to popular Ghanaian musician Cartel Big J aka Praye Tietia.

The couple who tied the knot in September 2015 have always been subjected to scrutiny by their fans on social media and mainstream media about childbirth.

Speaking about the pressure in an interview with Graphic Showbiz, Selly says she cannot kill herself just because she does not have a child.

According to her, she has done everything humanly possible to have a child but has not been successful.

“For now what I can I do is to believe in God and hope that my Maker will make a way for me because I have done everything humanly possible to have a child. I cannot kill myself because I don’t have a child. God knows why it is so," Graphic Showbiz reported.

She added that society cannot put pressure on her, especially when her husband and family are very supportive of her.

"The man I am married to is not complaining so why should Ghanaians worry about it? We understand each other perfectly and that is what matters. He loves me and I love him equally,” she said.

She reiterated her husband's love for her, describing Praye Tiatia as the perfect man and the best thing that has happened to her.

“My husband made me who I am today. He has shaped me and made me the perfect woman that I am today. If I had the chance to marry him again, I would,” she said.