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I broke my virginity to prove that I wasn’t gay - Prince David Osei

Prince David Osei Prince David Osei

Award-winning Ghanaian actor, Prince David Osei has opened up about his sexual life on Atuu with Abeiku Santana.

According to the actor cum model, he was a virgin until the year 2007 when he was compelled to have sex.

He stated that he broke his virginity out of peer pressure because his friends thought he was gay.

However, to prove to them that he wasn’t gay, he decided to have sex with his then girlfriend, who is now his wife.

“The first time I had sex was in 2007. I was a virgin by then and I did that with my wife, who was then my girlfriend.”

Prince David Osei’s responded to a question whether he led a promiscuous life before getting married to his wife.

Asked why he waited for that long, he explained that he comes from a humble home. As such, he made a covenant with God that he should make him a big person in the future and in return he would remain a virgin to fulfill the covenant. He however added that he had to break that covenant because of peer pressure from his friends who thought he was gay.

“I broke this covenant out of pure pressure because my friends didn’t understand why I should be dating a girl for four years without doing anything to her. They even thought I was gay, so I have to do that to prove them wrong”, he recounted. He added that he kissed and caressed his girlfriend at that time alright. However, he held on till he finally had an intercourse with her in 2007.

“Kissing is different from copulation but for the in and out movement it was until 2007,” he said.

He added that he got engaged to his girlfriend in 2011 and he has three kids with her.

It is not known if the wife was also a virgin at the time. However, Prince reiterated that she is the love of his life and has never dated anyone in the movie industry.

“When I met my wife in 2003 at University of Ghana, I didn’t know that I will become an actor and it is the person I have been with. I have not dated anyone in the movie industry,” he added.

Touching on how many kids he has and the women he has had babies with, Prince David Osei said,

“I have three kids with the same woman I got engaged to in 2011.”