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Television of Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Source: News-One

‘I Feel Good In Bikini’- Model

Many men love seeing beautiful girls in bikinis but they have never bothered to find out how the girls feel about it.

NEWS-ONE’s Francis Addo caught up with a bikini-wearing model, Angela Bamford of the Exopa Model Agency and asked her how she feels about wearing bikinis in public for men to view her ‘stuff’.

This is what she had to say: “Well I can understand your question because there was a time I used to ask if models do not feel shy when they walk in bikinis, almost naked, but after I went into it, I realized it is a very normal thing and honestly I feel very good in bikinis.

“Previously, I was somehow a shy person and I never talked in public but now as model, I don’t feel shy anymore.” Angela Bamford is a half-cast of Ghanaian and British parentage. She is in her third year as a model but actually graduated from Exopa in 2009 and has been recommended by her trainers as one of the best young models with a promising future.

“Maintaining a certain figure is not easy at all. I don’t just eat what others would enjoy eating. It has not been easy but this is my job and I’ve got to protect it. I don’t want to be a fat model; I want to be a slim model. So it is all good”, she explained.

She told NEWS-ONE in the exclusive interview that her love for the runway was inspired by watching models like ace Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen and German-Ghanaian model Sima Ibrahim on TV.

“I have been watching Gisele since I was young. Modeling was a childhood dream. But I was actually inspired by Sima Ibrahim. He has done a good job for models. He is one of the best models and I look up to him, even though he is not around with us. I don’t care what people say about him. I still see him as my Sima; the one I have known for years,” she said.

She said she used to watch models on TV and mimic their steps until her auntie caught her in the act one day and eventually enrolled her at the Exopa Modeling School. Beyond modeling, Angela is passionate about becoming a musician, actress and a movie director and she is working tirelessly to fulfill those dreams.

At the moment, she has featured in two TV commercials- Da Viva and Sultana rice. Angela said she believes her current status is just the beginning of a great future where she would be a superstar model of international repute.