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LifeStyle of Wednesday, 25 November 2020


How to know if your man really loves you

A woman must feel loved by her partner. File photo A woman must feel loved by her partner. File photo

Dzifa Sweetness, a renowned Ghanaian sex coach has shared, per her observation and knowledge in relationship coaching, one sure tip that can help a woman detect whether or not her boyfriend really loves her.

She stated during an interview with Adwen the Love Doctor on eTV Ghana’s adult show 'In Bed With Adwen' that a man who really loves a woman cannot go a whole twenty-four hours without talking to her and this is something that women should note.

According to her, no man is ever too busy, so much that he cannot take some time out of his tight schedule to check up on his girlfriend whom he genuinely loves unless of course, he doesn’t.

“There are some men who don’t care about anything you do. He doesn’t even make time for you. He always gives excuses, saying he does not have time but you need to know that no one has time. People create time. If a man does not love you, he only steals time for you, he doesn’t make time for you."

"If a man loves you, he can’t live a day without talking to you or checking up on you so check how he talks to you and how he checks up on you. Even if he is at work and he doesn’t have time, he will call you at random hours to find out if you’re okay or even where you are,” she detailed.

Dzifa clarified that when a man is always interested in knowing the whereabouts of his girlfriend, it does not mean he is being overprotective but it is because he loves her and cares about her, therefore, women should not get offended, but rather realize from that how much he cares.