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Entertainment of Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Source: Hitzfm

'Hiplife today is like fast food' - Reggie Rockstone

Hiplife musician, Reggie Rockstone, touted as as the ‘Grandpapa’ of the genre, says compared to the past, hiplife today is like fast food.

“Now you can release music as fast as it come to your mind, we had to like sit down, plan, find how it was going to reach the people, have an art and everything but now the music is like fast food, as fast you come as fast you go.” Reggie bemoaned that hiplife artiste are no longer doing classic songs.

Reggie, now a member of VVIP, declared that Ghanaians and Africans in general are enthused about danceable rhythms than lyrics. He admits that though there are some very good hiplife artistes in the country, most of them are underground acts and because of ‘payola’ (monies paid to DJs) and other issues, the more party-friendly-songs often become hit songs.

Asked by Mzgee on Hitz FM’s entertainment analysis programme Entertainment This Week if he agrees with the school of thought that hiplife music today is not ‘lyrically sound’, Reggie retorted, “it depends on how you view music, whether you like quality or quantity or you want content, some people just like to dance, just like to shake, shake, shake and don’t [want] to hear [anything].”

The VVIP member recounted that the inspiration behind the hiplife genre was his pan African upbringing.

He disclosed that his choice of the name “hiplife” was inspired by his father “Ricky” who advised that his style of music should reflects his origins.

Obrafour, ‘Rap sofour’, who undoubtedly made an impact back in the day with his hiplife songs agreed with the assertion that standards have fallen in today’s hiplife.

“One can say a few of them are doing good when it comes to content but mostly or generally when you look at it you can say the guys are not doing well,” he said.