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Music of Sunday, 28 September 2003


Her name is Sandra Oduro

Sandra Oduro The gospel music scene is the most competitive in the local music industry. It attracts many listeners. The likes of Sandra Oduro can make hits on their first outing.

Her album entitled ?Yesu Ayonkofa? has been playing on the airwaves for the better part of three months and the album is doing better than most. All the songs on the album are inspirational and would be perfect for whatever purpose that listeners pick it for.

Sandra who is a student at the Kumasi Polytechnic has made her mark and can only hope that she is here to stay. In the song Yesu Ayonkofa, Sandra sings of the love of God and how nice it is to be a friend with God. It?s a praise song that tells of numerous things that God does for his children including making the barren give birth and setting the captive free. In this song you get to know Mama Sandy?s vocal performance.

Gye Me has a different message. It calls on God to come to the aid of his children whenever and wherever the devil might come their way. This song is accompanied by a beat almost like the title song although this one has characteristics of reggae and Sandra even manages to sing a few lines in ragga style.

In appreciation to God for his numerous blessings, Sandra sings Meda Wase. She reasons that all that remains for Christians to do after God has answered their prayers is for them to thank Him with all their hearts. The song is fast and features the usual reggae beat that accompanies most gospel songs. She does it well in this song which has also received considerable airplay.

One song that will not escape the notice of anyone who owns a copy of the album is the song titled No Way For Satan, a praise song that will surely get listeners out of their seats onto the dancing floor. ?If Satan knew that crucifying Jesus will be of benefit to me he wouldn?t have bothered? is how Sandra puts it. She encourages Christians to look out to God for their strength because with him all things are possible.

Mabre which is slow and done in the style of Cindy Thompson?s Ewurade Kasa, is accompanied only by the keyboard and is a plea to God for help. The rest are Emmanuel, Ebe Ye Yie and Anka Meye Den. All of them are performed in Sandra?s smooth voice that will make the songs touching. The presentation of all the songs makes it irresistible for listeners because of the good instrumentations and exceptional vocal performances.

Label: Frimprince Music