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Entertainment of Monday, 1 July 2019


Ghanaian magician revives girl after cutting her in two at MMC Live

Ghanaian Magician, Christopher Voncujovi play videoGhanaian Magician, Christopher Voncujovi

Ghanaian Magician, Christopher Voncujovi showed his magical prowess at this year’s Music Magic Comedy (MMC) Live.

He brought back life to a young lady after cutting her into two.

The magic display by Voncujovi left patrons dumbfounded as he did both the unthinkable and unbelievable on stage.

Amidst all the magic he performed on the night, the partitioning of the young lady with an electric saw who laid down prostrate left all in shock.

As patrons watched sternly to see what happened next, the magician surprised them with another weird display.

He inserted the parted body with a piece of wood to prove to patrons that he’s really cut her into two before joining the body.

Mr Voncujovi then made some incantations, joined the body and then she woke up from what looks like a trance.

The lady was seen rubbing her hands on her face which indicates that, she’s been woken up from a ‘sleep’.

In this same magic vein, a young boy was positioned at the entrance of the AICC main hall suspending in the air for about 8 to 9 hours.

Watch the videos below