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‘Get away from this rascal’ – A mother’s caution to her son who hugged Adjetey Anang

Actor Adjetey Anang play videoActor Adjetey Anang

He played the role of Pusher, a naughty boy, in ‘Things We Do For Love’ – a popular television series in the early 2000s and it has been difficult for some people to detach him from the character, triggering some actions that could best be described as ‘embarrassment’.

Adjetey Anang, an actor who earned recognition after his role, in an interview with Stacy reveals that a mother once rebuked her son for hugging him. According to the popular actor, the cast had been invited for an event at Efua Sutherland Park as special guests when the shocking incident occurred.

He recalls that “There was this young boy with the mum who’s around 9 or 10 years. He recognized me, took off from the mother and came and hugged me. I hugged him too. His mother was wondering ‘who’s this guy?’ As she drew close to me, she made me out.

“There was a shock on her face, she grabbed the boy’s arm and was like ‘get away from these rascals’ and walked away. For once, I thought she was putting up but she was serious. It got to me. And I was like we’re taking this a bit too far; there should be a clear distinction between the character we play and our personal lives.”

Despite how painful it was, there was a major takeaway for Adjetey Anang.

“The lesson I learnt was that if she was not able to differentiate between the character and me, then probably, I’m doing something better so I shouldn’t let that dampen my spirit.”

Adjetey Anang however mentions that there have been instances he has gained an advantage over others due to how famous he is although he never wanted to be treated differently. For instance, his insistence that he be made to join a queue till it’s his turn, he says, has always been doused by persons in the queue as they asseverated that he is a star and they appreciate his acting prowess.