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Music of Wednesday, 19 November 2008


G Girls are the winners

The only female group that made it to the finals of TV3’s Gang Starz reality show could not hide their excitement when they were announced winners and they screamed, jumped and knelt down with hands in the air to signify their victory.

The Ggirls were a few moments earlier gripped with tension as they were left on stage with the members of Blaze waiting for the verdict.

Finally when Black Boy and Vashti, presenters of the show mentioned them as the winners, the whole studio went dead because most patrons expected the Blaze to win. That did not take away from the excitement of the Ggirls and they were beside themselves with joy.

For coming up tops, the Ggirls took home a cash prize of GH¢10,000, will also have free promotion of their music video and will be the special guests at TV3 programmes.

Blaze, the first runner-up got GH¢ 6000 and also walked away with the The Best Stagecraft special award from Onetouch. LS3 and Pipers won The Best Dressed and Best Vocals awards respectively from Onetouch. Each group received a Onetouch Ogo phone/ Internet browser.

Showbiz caught up with all four finalists after the show to find out how they felt with their positions. Hear them.

The four finalists did two songs each on the final Gang starz show. In a chat with Showbiz later, Ggirls said they were confident of winning the competition because they topped the voting chart with big margins week after week.

“We felt assured we could still win even if only half of our fans voted,” they stated.

Blaze obviously felt disappointed for not emerging the eventual winners. They said appearing on Gang Starz was the beginning of greater things to come and that very soon “we would come up with an explosive hit to match our name of Blaze-the dynamites.”

Kofi one of the members of Pipers said that their expectation was not fulfilled. “We had high hopes of winning but it didn’t happen that way. Whatever God does is good and we thank Him for how far He has brought us.

Everyone in Ghana should watch out for us very soon.”

Leon of Da Soul said: “We worked hard to get to the finals and we take the end results in good faith. We have learnt a lot on Gang Starz which will surely manifest on an our album we will be working on later. Da Soul is not dying now.”

Slim Buster, Praye and Kwaw Kesse were guest performers at the Gang Starz final.