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Food and Diet: How to prepare fresh fufu without pounding

Fufu, local Ghanaian recipe Fufu, local Ghanaian recipe

One of the local recipes that Ghanaians enjoy most especially the Akan speaking people is ‘Fufu’ made from fresh cassava, plantain or cocoyam pounded in a mortar using pestle.

Most people really enjoy taking fufu on a hot Sunday afternoon or early Saturday morning after a long stressful week.

As I was researching for my maiden post on Food and Diet section, I came across a unique but easy way to prepare fufu without going through the normal 2hrs journey on a Ghanaian blogger Ndudu by Fafa site.

Hence I decided to feature her this weekend.

If you are craving for fufu this weekend, relax and enjoy the video below


300g of peeled un-ripened Plantain cut into cubes.

460g of peeled Cassava, scraped, de-stringed and cut into cubes.

500ml of water for a soft Fufu or 400ml for a firmer Fufu.


Tip: It's important, you use a very good blender, which blends everything into a silky smooth paste. Transfer the Cassava and Plantain into your blender and add 450ml of water.

Blend into a silky smooth paste.

Transfer the contents into a saucepan and place on a medium heat.

Tip: It's very important you stir the mixture consistently, to avoid any lumps. Using a wooden spatula keep stirring till you have a smooth, thick steamed paste. This should take about 8-10min.


Please don't be tempted to leave it alone when you're in the process of thickening the batter. This is to avoid having lumps in your 'Fufu'.

Add the remaining 50ml of water to the Fufu, cover the saucepan with it's lid, reduce the heat to a lower setting and steam for 8-10min

Information: Steaming the Fufu, cooks the mixture further and eliminates the raw taste. Increase the heat to a medium fire and stir the mixture till well combined.

Tip: Please don't be alarmed, if your Fufu looks too soft at this stage, it gets firmer once it's cooled down.

Pour the Fufu into a bowl, smear the surface with a teaspoon of water to prevent any film forming on the surface and leave to cool down completely.

Once cooled, shape into your preferred ball and serve with your favourite soup.

Watch the video of how Ndudu By Fafa prepares the fufuf below to get more information and click 'photos' to see how cassava and plantain look like. Enjoy

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