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Entertainment of Friday, 7 September 2018


FEATURE: The rise of 'nude models' on social media - Have we embraced nude modelling?

Nude modelling is a form of photography or art where the model involved takes photos in suggestive positions with little or no clothes — leaving little to the imagination.

In recent times, the art is gradually taking shape — with young Ghanaian girls who are mostly unemployed hoping on the wagon. Photos of the self-named “nude models” pop up everyday on social media websites notably instagram.

What one wonders is, are these nude models getting paid to take these pictures and what are their motivations for sharing them online?

I remember Oliver Queen, Arrow’s archetypal character’s quote which goes like this “pain is inevitable but suffering is optional”. In a world which is driven by the muscularity of one’s financial strength, one must look for a way to carve a life for him/herself.

As we hear, some male bosses demand sex from female job seekers before they are even granted interviews. The females are often left vulnerable to the uncanny lack of self-control from their potential male employers. What should such females do? What can such females do? Should they adopt the “populist philosophy” thus doing what everyone does so that they can survive? Is there really life beyond life on earth? Should we care? Must we care?

Then comes Social Media, arguably the most powerful tool present on earth. People get to know each other just by using technological devices. The world has in effect been made smaller than it actually is – a concept termed, Globalization

In this fast paced world ruled by technology, one must do what it takes to ensure that he/she isn’t left behind. In the light of the emergence of social media and its resultant power, the crave to gain popularity amongst social media users has known no boundaries – it is a no-holds barred competition. The field of modelling in effect, has been affected. As to whether the effect of social media on modelling has been good or bad, it is left with culture and morality to settle.

Modelling, a profession which involves hiring attractive [in 21st-century terms, sexy] ladies to showcase items or goods to the public has been turned on its head.

The “white man’s culture” has exploded in Ghana and its effect on our “wanna-be model celebrities” has been massive………..nudity has become the order of the day.

Can we blame these models for trying to make ends meet? Well, if the audience they seek to serve were in disagreement of their nude concept of modelling, we wouldn’t have seen a meteoric rise in the numbers of the nude pictures we see on various social media platforms, would we?

Social media handles such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are often flooded with nude pictures of ladies who harness dreams of gaining prominence amongst social media users. In the 21st century, the gateway to earning money doesn’t open the traditional way……..Societal and philosophical adaptations rather makes it open the technological way. Oh yes, the technological way. Whether we like it or not, social media and its power [in terms of creating a source of income for its users] is here to stay and so we must be up and doing. One would argue that there are other “brilliant” ways of earning through social media but charley, “the thing be say, people really dey feel the nudes”.

The rise of nude photography in Ghana has been immense but what can we say? Zaaki will tell you “man [in this case, woman] must chop!!!”…………………so should we accept nudity as the modern societal norm in Ghana and give it a warm embrace? In fact, have we already embraced it?