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Entertainment of Saturday, 21 November 2020


Eno Barony almost gave up on her music career - Manager reveals

Manager of Manager of

Manager of “Rap Goddess” Eno Barony, Jizah, has disclosed that the artiste almost gave up on her music career as she got weary of lack of support at a point in her career.

Jizah noted that it is not surprising that Eno Barony felt that way at a point in time because he has also observed that the media gives more attention to male artistes than female artistes.

Speaking to Happy FM’s Doctar Cann on the ‘Showbiz Xtra’ show, he said: ” I think the media easily forgets the women. If you look at it, we have done a lot of work this year but I often hear on radio when they talk about people who deserve to be nominated as artistes of the year and I still don’t hear her name. They still stick to guys.

But a lot of women have put in so much work this year. I always say that they need to put more attention into the ladies as well. They really need attention. Working with women is not easy. A lot goes into it. We put a lot of work out there and we don’t get the attention”.

He adds, “I mean we have been to the point that she [Eno Barony] felt she was tired and she didn’t want to continue with the music. That is how serious it is”.

Eno’s manager was of the view that Eno had put in so much work in her field even though she has not been celebrated enough.

“You can’t hide the fact that her genre is male-dominated but I think we had done a great job to prove that no matter your genre you can be an equally great rapper”.

Eno Barony has recently crowned the Best Female Rapper in Africa in the 2020 edition of the Africa Music Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA).