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Entertainment of Thursday, 23 November 2017


Ebony wipes Songo's tears with a 'twerk' after paying tribute to KABA

Ebony twerking with Songo man in the studios of Fire for Fire play videoEbony twerking with Songo man in the studios of Fire for Fire

Countryman Songo has revealed that his late friend, Kwadwo Asare Baffour Acheampong, popularly called KABA has foiled his plans to ‘fire’ Ebony.

Songo seems to have found some sort of comfort in Ebony Reigns moments after weeping uncontrollably at KABA’s memorial service held on Monday morning.

He has been captured in a video with Ebony doing their usual ‘firing’ and fans are reacting to it.

In the video shot in Songo’s ‘Fire for Fire’ studio, the two gave a ‘freestyle’ of the kind of fire they intended to have on Saturday, November 25.

However, with KABA’s untimely death thwarting the ‘fire’ arrangement, the two have postponed the date further to December 2.

Songo appears to have recovered quickly from the shock of KABA’s demise much more than was expected of him.

He is reported to have dashed in front of some moving cars begging the drivers to drive over him so he could ‘join’ KABA.

KABA was his bossom friend, but Songo believes that there is a time to cry and a time to laugh, as he indicated in the video.

Speaking Twi, Songo justified his happy mood with Ebony saying “After the tears, we also look for joy.”

He indeed, has found that joy in the ‘Date your father’ hitmaker. As soon as Ebony started ‘rocking’ her waist, Songo asked to be behind her so they could dance together.

He held on to her waist as the two locked their bodies together in a sizzling dance. They danced to Ebony’s latest single ‘Mon di mi dwa’.

Afterwards, Songo praised God for making women; saying "women help to quench fire” like Ebony's body quenched his sorrows.

Ebony had gone to the studio to mourn with Songo and the multimedia group. She sent her condolences to the wife of KABA, the Multimedia Group and other family members.