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Entertainment of Friday, 28 August 2020


Don’t stress yourself over politicians who only come to you every four years to lie – Yvonne Nelson

Actress and movie producer Yvonne Nelson Actress and movie producer Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson has deemed it fit to counsel the teeming youth not to meddle in politically-motivated arguments and fights in the interest of some politician ahead of a very tense political season.

According to the actress, all politicians are Liars and they come to the populace with deceit and concocted flowery words to court their attention and win their votes after every four years.

In two separate tweets, Yvonne Nelson bemoaned the breakdown and dysfunctional nature of state institutions and how it will always have to take bribes for one to get a passport which is testament to the fact that the politician does not even believe in what he is running.

The hard part of her tweet is where he cautioned the youth to be circumspect in the dealings with politicians during this politically volatile season where they are ready to do whatever it takes to win power.

“You see how hard it is to even acquire a passport? You go bribe tireah! Yeaa! Most of your leaders don’t even have their kids in Ghana! They don’t even believe in the system they are running!

“They are LIARS! Playing with our minds every 4 years! Don’t stress charley! Focus on your life, don’t waste your energy on unnecessary fights and arguments. They need you this year, next year you be borla,” she said.

African politicians have been described as self-seeking, individualistic personalities who do not take the needs of their people to heart. The development of the African continent has been left to politicians who in most instances are either too clueless to cause a change or too selfish to think about the entire populace and their needs.

On the back of that, Yvonne Nelson believes when the politicians start to visit every nook and cranny of the nation with the neatly woven message to win power, no one should pay heed to their rhetorics because the proof of the pudding has always been in the eating.

December 7, 2020, is a very important date on Ghana’s political calendar where the nation will be aiming to elect new leaders or renew the mandate of the incumbents. The two major political parties NPP and NDC, are poised to win power come what may