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Entertainment of Friday, 28 February 2020


Don’t be fooled by prophets, they scan social media for information - Omar Shariff Captan

Omar Shariff Captan Omar Shariff Captan

Ghanaian actor and director, Omar Shariff Captan has advised the public not to be fooled by false prophets since they pick up information about them on social media to give back as prophecies.

The popular actor who was known for his 'bad boy' roles but has now turned a new leaf doing the work of God, cautioned Ghanaians not to be surprised by false prophets who are able to give untold details about their 'victim's.

According to the ‘Tinsel’ actor, false prophets use the information on social media and the internets against their church members, celebrities and in most cases innocent strangers.

In an interview monitored by Ghanaweb, the actor said, “As artiste and actors our information is always on Social Media so once you hit the church, he (the Prophets) will have information about you. They go on Social Media pick up information and get stories about you. Wherever you are when you posted it, he will mention…”

“Information is here on social media so don’t get fooled, not just celebrities but church members or anybody they will pick information. Your house number, phone number can be there so if he calls you and mentions your phone number, its no news,” Omar Shariff told Lexis Bill on Joy FM.

Not so enthused about the title 'Prophet' and the bad perception the general public has about prophets, the former actor do not want to be associated as one.

"I don’t want to be called a prophet at all, I perform in it but I don’t want to be called by it because a lot of them what they are doing is sad.

There are question marks on everybody but when you go beyond the barrier and you start using dubious means to speak as a prophet then I have a problem with that.

That means you are touching the hand of God, you are deceiving people by saying that God is telling you in the meantime God is not the one telling you."

Omar Sheriff reiterated that one would identify who is a fake prophet by his utterances.