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Entertainment of Saturday, 17 February 2018

Source: flex newspaper

Do more collaborations with up and coming artistes - Article Wan to A-list artistes

Article Wan Article Wan

The Solo hit maker, Bright Homenya, known in the music circles as Article Wan, has stated 2018 is his year of dominance and total take-over and has admonished A-list artistes to do more collaborations with up and coming artistes.

To him, he has for many times heard people say he is struggling to make a come-back, but he was planning and waiting for a year like this to prove to Ghanaians his worth.

In an interview with Flex Newspaper, the Faya Burn Dem singer outlined that, he is ready to produce consistent hits after hits based on his preparation for the year and that, he will as well outdoor many up and coming talents as he would want to be heard with such talents.

“This year is my year of total dominance and take-over and I won’t joke nor lie about that. I have so many mind blowing tunes for my fans and I can’t wait to have them released. My first single for this year is titled Chop Chop and I featured one Takoradi based up and coming act that goes by the name Afezi Perry. I believe in his talent and I know he will be big if given the right support. Knowing the ordeal we the up and coming artistes go through before landing a hit, I have decided to have most of the undergrounds on my songs this year. We shouldn’t always be chasing the A-list artistes for collaborations but as frequent as possible, bring on board some of these hard-working up and coming acts just so they don’t feel abandoned or neglected” he explained.

“If Chop Chop doesn’t breakthrough before Easter, then my plans didn’t work. Anytime I hear people say I am struggling to make a comeback, I laugh at them. They don’t know what I am about to bring. ‘Solo’ was just a transit visa. I am ready to put up my own shows. Event organizers who are ready to do business are also welcomed” he added.

The singer continued to thank his fans who have supported his craft even when he was nobody.

“I am much grateful to my fans that have been with me since day one of my musicianship. They believed in my vision, pushed and motivated me even when the going was tough. Their support, advice and directions have brought me this far and I will never let them down. Until I get to where God and my fans want me to get to, I will never give up. Hence, the zeal for this year and like I always say ‘fan dem link up’ they should always linkup” he concluded.

Being one of the hard working young musicians, Article Wan has produced and sang songs like Solo, Faya Burn Dem amongst others. His latest single Chop Chop which was dropped last week is another banger to behold.