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Entertainment of Thursday, 4 May 2017


Decision to suspend Rev. Josh Laryea was wrong - Prophet Badu Kobi

General Overseer of the Glorious Wave Church International has faulted the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), for suspending Rev. Josh Laryea, a gospel musician and pastor at the Doxa Temple branch of the Church.

According to him, the Church’s action was wrong and he would not have taken such an action. The Church [ICGC] says the decision was taken to suspend Rev Laryea after it received a report against the pastor.

The letter indicated that, “The Presbytery has authorised the Disciplinary Committee to look into the allegations levelled against Rev. Laryea”.

It also added that, “Rev. Josh Laryea is being withdrawn from the pulpit and thereby the Doxa Temple with immediate effect. This is to allow the Committee carry out its work uninterrupted.”

But commenting on the issue on Rainbow Radio with Sokoohemaa on her mid-morning show, Prophet Badu Kobi said, the suspension of Rev. Josh Laryea was wrong.

I wouldn’t have done that, no it was wrong. It was not right. Some of the pastors that ostracized Josh Laryea are flirtatious. We don’t speak the truth, who is more righteous than the other.

The Lord Jesus who we follow did not suspend anyone. Where in the bible is suspension,'' he questioned.

When asked whether the suspension was wrong, he stressed, it was a wrong decision and what’s the purpose of the suspension, he quizzed. Prophet Kobi added, the bible directs us to guide people when they go wrong and so why the suspension? What kind of life is that?

He was answering a question asked by the host why majority of Ghana’s celebrities follow him and why he’s not driven out musicians described as secular artistes from his Church.

According to him, Christ came purposely for the unsaved and so if Churches would turned such people away on the basis that they belong to the secular world, then they have defeated the purpose of why Christ came into the world.