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Entertainment of Thursday, 9 June 2011



In reference to this term one must look no further than the Central Business District in Accra, where life is so fast and everything seems programmed. If you haven’t been to the CBD, then you certainly haven’t seen the very beautiful parts of Accra. It is ‘lovely’ I tell you. A sea of people, all rubbing up against each other in the pursuit of their happiness. It would have been sad if all this goings and comings were done silently. Fortunately, there is a cacophony of ‘melodious” noise (borrowing from U KNOW WHO) in accompaniment. “Donkomi oo, donkomi”, “mon yi no low,mon hy3 no high”, “bend down” etc. Bref, it is a beehive of activity! Chaotic!!!

Now that is how I envisage this summer’s football transfer window. With many teams looking to revamp and restructure in order to keep up with the standard Barcelona has set, it should be fast and exhilarating. But speaking of Barcelona, ‘meehn’, that was some final. I wasn’t able to comment on it at first as I had other less important things to do, like writing my final exams in the university for one. But I don’t need to say much, the Great Sir Alex sums it all up just fine –“dem score we oo”. Truth is, the Barca criteria is not in any way ambiguous, i.e. we must all spend big on quality (very subjective) players in order to compete. The English giants have already drawn first blood, with the capturing of Jordan Henderson and Phil Jones by Liverpool and Manchester United respectively. Two talented youngsters without a doubt, but again, the English are at it again setting up their youngsters to fail. For Arsenal, we all know what they have to do if they are to challenge for silverware next season. Getting a couple of world class defenders and a goalkeeper are top of the agenda. The signing of defender Carl Jenkinson from Charlton Athletic shows how DEAD serious Arsene Wenger is in achieving this goal.

Well so it’s business as usual. If you get off the excitement that the opening of the transfer window brings as much as I do, let me hear from you. Let’s throw some names in there and make it as hybrid as possible. Mix it up people, black and yellow, black on black, Latino-black, white-lee… Simply, who’s moving to which club this summer??? One thing’s for sure though, there will be nothing “Donkomious” about this transfer window. Players won’t come cheap one bit.

Should have been talking about our very own Glo Premier League but since it is a sorry excuse of a league, we need not do that. What it needs is our prayers, sound organisation and a heavy financial backing. Anyway,I can’t go without saying adieu to without a doubt, the best striker of our generation. For all those great moments, Ronaldo, I say thank you.