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Entertainment of Wednesday, 24 October 2018


Current generation is saturated with violence and sex - Veteran actress Rama Brew

Veteran actress, Rama Brew Veteran actress, Rama Brew

In the face of mounting rants about the rampant insubordination among the Ghanaian youth, veteran actress Rama Brew has voiced her opinion about what she believes are the 'problems of this generation.

After years of going off the TV screens into what seemed to be 'hibernation', the 'Home-sweet-home' star has said that the problems of this generation are basically sex and violence.

In an interview with GhOne's Ridwan Karim Dini-Osman, Rama Brew revealed that the current generation is "saturated with violence and sex", which has been the main reason why there is nothing positive about television content lately.

The reeling level of discipline amongst the youth in the current generation, according to the veteran actress is as a result of "...all these gadgets we have around now," she posited.

Even though current television content has gone far beyond just an end market to touching several lives, the style of putting content together and churning them out has deteriorated over the years.

Rama Brew expressed worry over the poor quality and standard of TV content in recent times saying that, "whether you're watching the international news or watching the news in your own backyard, it's not very pleasant...children are not allowed to be children anymore..."

"The content of what is being churned out in our's a global thing, it's not only here in Ghana, sex and violence seem to sell, but how much of it are we going to continue allowing ourselves to's not normal."

The veteran actress attributed her absence from TV screens to rheumatoid arthritis, an ailment she has been battling for many years now.