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Entertainment of Thursday, 30 April 2020


Copper Slino contributes lyrics to curb the spread of coronavirus

Copper Slino play videoCopper Slino

Music is very important.

Perceived as the most universal of all art forms, music largely serves the medium to entertain.

But wait, there is more!

The creative medium equally serves as an effective tool to educate and raise awareness.

As the coronavirus pandemic gets more and more serious, composers are doing all they can to convince their fans to take precautions against getting themselves and others sick.

Renowned Ghanaian creative and 2003 National Dance Champion, turned musician, Copper Slino is championing the importance of SOCIAL DISTANCING and the need to STAY HOME with his newly released song – “Auntie Coro”

The creatively-crated lyrics of the song produced by ‘Krucyfyx Beatz, reminds listeners about the fact that there may be a significant number of infected individuals walking around with COVID-19 but have no idea they are spreading the virus.

Slino doesn’t just express worry about the quick spread of Coronavirus and it’s related anxiety; he gives hope and offers a way out.

The lyric of “ Auntie Coro“ urges fans to stay home if they have no business stepping out, to help break the chain of spread and Save lives.

“ Corona causing fear and panic, this one is a real pandemic, too terrible than the titanic, we all have to work hand-in-hand to overcome it “- The opening lines of the 3minutes 12 seconds song spit-out by featured Singer, Dibori, notes.

Copper Slino then comes in to deliver his verse with ease and mastery.

Sang in the Twi dialect, the verse narrates a heart-wrenching story of an asymptomatic COVID-19 carrier (Obaa Yaa) Who goes about unknowingly spreading the virus and ultimately endangering lives.

Well! the gifted singer also reminds Christians that God has not forsaken them, as they endure trying times.

Slino concludes by encouraging fans to help the government stem the tide by “avoiding non-essential travels, Contact with others and all unnecessary visits to help break the chain of spread. (Ghana’s Confirmed COVID-19 Cases has currently skyrocketed beyond 1000 )

The studio session was managed by RedHype management.

We say BIG UPs to Copper Slino for contributing conscious lyrics to educate and raise awareness about COVID 19.

Way to go!


Born Collins Dumfeh, Copper Slino is a professional dancer and winner of the 2003 National Dance Champion.

The CEO of CDhouse also doubles as a content developer and renowned fashion buff who obtained professional training and graduated at the Joyce Ababio fashion school in 2015.

Copper Slino, a very much all-rounder is also admired by top industry players for mentoring/grooming talents in Choreography and in other creative ventures (Editing, Directing, Motion graphic designing & Cinematography)

His decision to chart a path in music has received “thumbs up” from industry influencers, with the urge to “Go for Gold!”