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Entertainment of Wednesday, 29 April 2020


Convert Covid-19 Tracker App into Creative Arts Council Monitoring App – Bnoskka

Bnoskka Bnoskka

Creative Arts Business and Intellectual Property Consultant, Benjamin Arhin Oduro Jnr. also known in showbiz as Bnoskka has said the Covid-19 Tracker App will not be useful after the pandemic.

The entertainment pundit advised that the app should be converted into creative arts monitoring app.

According to him, it will help monitor and streamline the business aspect of the industry.

Read full statement below.

My name is Benjamin Oduro Arhin Jnr aka Bnoskka. (I’m a Creative Arts Business and Intellectual Property Consultant).

Please permit me to use your platform to address some pressing issues with the onset of covid-19 tracker app and its way forward after the pandemic.

Every pandemic comes with its challenges and after a solution arrives and the pandemic is over, new beginnings and lessons are learnt to help citizens live a better life.

About a hundred years of ago, precisely 1918 January a pandemic broke called the Spanish Flu and by the time it was over in December 1920, it had killed about 50 million people and infected about 500 million people all over the world. When the pandemic was over, some of the lessons the world learnt are: lockdown, social distancing and contact tracing. These strategies has helped in handling the current coronavirus covid-19 pandemic.

I must commend the Ghana government initiative of creating an app to help monitor, trace contact and educate the general public about the virus which cost the nation about 1.4 million Ghana Cedis.

We all know some of the challenges that faces the entertainment industry in Ghana, such as event management, performance rights payment, royalties collection and distribution, radio and TV stations logging system, unfair competition and riding on hit songs and movies, and most importantly misconception and misunderstanding with the Copyright Law Act 690, Film Development and Classification Act 935, Protection Against Unfair Competition Act 589, and all the entertainment industry rules and regulations should be.

I see a great opportunity here with this COVID-19 tracker app, that we can turn this app to be used for the same purpose in our entertainment industry to at least, help monitor and streamline the business aspect of the industry.

It will help us have an adequate data, accurate information about events organizations, record labels both portfolios and real companies, including accountability and personality challenges we face which most often results in artists cursing and fighting with collective management organizations, misappropriation of royalties, musicians and actors union members grievances and also help monitor our creative goods import and export statistics in Ghana.

As a Creative Arts Business and Intellectual Property Consultant, I can assist in implementing this noble project together with the Ministry of Information, Ministry of Tourism Arts and Culture and the Creative Arts Council.

I, therefore, urge all the industry members actors and crews, musicians and producers, creative artists, beauticians, and the citizens of Ghana to help make our entertainment players gain their sweat through their labour and not rather wait to be old and hope for contributions to pay their hospital bills and becoming beggars waiting for the next meal during old age. We can do this because if we don’t after the eradication of this pandemic the COVID-19 tracker app will be of no use.

I will continue to speak in favour of this development to help our country grow in all of its creative economy statistics to positively impact our entertainment industry part players and stack holders. Thank you.

Bnoskka is a regular pundit on Kasapa Entertainment show.