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Entertainment of Friday, 16 August 2013

Source: Mustapha Ayinde Inusah

Chicago & Ex-Doe Back for another collaboration?

Few weeks ago, Flex newspaper published that veteran Ghanaian hip life musician Richard Akwasi Siaw Akrofi aka Ex-Doe had stated on Vision FM that he had regretted dissing his music comrade Chicago.

“Those days I was not matured. I was driven by youthful exuberance to do that but later I realized it was not necessary. It rather brought much hatred between me and my brother Chicago and even among our fans,” Ex-Doe had stated in the said interview with 'Arts and People' host Kwame Dadzie.

In a separate chat with Chicago whom Ex-Doe accused some years back of telling people that the song 'Daavi Mede Kuku' was his and that he wrote the lyrics for him, he revealed to Flex newspaper that he is thankful to his brother Ex-Doe for making that revelation.

“When he dissed me, I replied and was waiting for his next reply so I could also give it back to him but that didn't happen, so for him to have officially come out to express his regret in doing that, I need to give him that respect,” Chicago said.

He also agreed with Ex-Doe that at the time of their musical feud, they were both not matured and reacted as such.

Taking a foray into his musical job, he said he was working on his new music project and by popular request from their fans, is going to do a collaborative piece with his old-time pal Ex-Doe.

“Even up till now some people see me in town and call me Ex-Doe and some people also see him in town and also call him Chicago. So it tells that the Ex-Doe Chicago thing is still alive and we don't have to kill it,” he said.

To those who think Chicago is out of the music scene, he says he is still vibrant and is coming out bigger than never. “I have been playing a lot of shows in the country so I am still in the system, just that I went to school to study management, and currently I am working with Latex Foam, and as part of my contract with Latest Foam, they are also partly supporting me in my upcoming music project. At the right time, fans will hear from me,” he concluded.