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Brides: 12 inspiring photos you can't afford to miss on your big day

Bride and groom Bride and groom

Weddings are a big deal and as a bride, the day is bound to raise your excitement level to the fullest.

While the ecstasy of such a day is often dazzling, followed by packed activities, there is a huge probability of downplaying those vital photography sessions with your photographer.

Of course, you need to make sure your family and friends are being taken care of and the groom colleagues are fed well, but, no matter how busy the day may seem, create out a time to spend with the photographer.

Make sure you take the best possible shots of the gorgeous you.

Here are 12 inspiring photos you can't afford to miss on your big day. They will remind you of how important the day was.

Your wedding gown

Having a shot of your beautiful wedding gown while you put it on is a can't miss. Hence, remind your photographer to capture it.

Goofing with your bridesmaids

Before the rest of the things on your wedding day list, make sure you have the shot of you and your bridesmaids goofing around.

This will be the moment you will never have again with your favourite girls.

The prayer moment

Let your marital journey start with a prayer, In that case, a picture of this symbolical moment will always be your guide.

Your arrival

As soon as you arrive, before stepping out of the car, through the glass, have your photographer take a picture of your nervous self.

The flower bouquet

You will definitely pass it down to someone else. Request a photo that shows when it was in your possession.

Walking down the aisle with your parents

It is a life-changing moment, so, capturing this orgasmic experience where you are being given away in marriage by your dad is not to be neglected during your wedding.

Exchange of vows

One of the most memorable parts of your wedding will be the exchange of vows. Request a photo to showcase the excitement.

The gazing groom

The groom having a gaze on you means a lot, hence, capturing this moment is a photo you will always cherish.

Your emotions

Have the photographer capture your most emotional moments. This will remind you of how emotionally excited you were on your big day and give you reasons to keep keeping on.

Special dance moments

It would be unforgivable not to have a photo taken when just you and the groom were dancing.

The bridesmaids

Bridesmaids may not necessarily be your friends, so, having a snap of the crew will always remind you who played that important role on your big day.

The departure photograph

And finally, before departing on your long-awaited honeymoon, let the photographer capture the two of you in front of the car.