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Entertainment of Monday, 28 December 2020


Biggest musical beefs of 2020 we’ll never forget

Ghanaian musicians; Stonebwoy, Medikal and Sarkodie Ghanaian musicians; Stonebwoy, Medikal and Sarkodie

The Ghanaian entertainment industry is no exception when it comes to drama, with each passing year throwing up all kinds of musical feuds.

The feuds, usually start as disagreements between these entertainers and are often triggered by a variety of reasons including failed business relationships, friendships, betrayals, and so on.

While some of these “beefs” were as a result of mere pettiness, others have turned really ‘dirty’.

Nonetheless, there are suggestions that some of these feuds are staged so the personalities involved would uplift or maintain their relevance in the industry.

As the years comes to an end, let’s take a look at a compilation of beefs by some Ghanaian musicians this year

Sarkodie and Gasmilla

The controversy between these two first started when Gasmilla, who claims to be the godfather of the “azonto” movement, fired shots at Sarkodie for starting an agenda to bring back the once-popular music genre.
According to him, azonto never died, hence it does not need any revival as Sarkodie puts it.

There have been instances where Gasmila has claimed to be the “torchbearer” of 'Azonto' music and not Sarkodie as many people are trying to claim.
According to reports, Gasmilla recently felt offended for not been called to join the #BringBackAzonto campaign, a movement started by Sarkodie to gather artists who have been pioneers of that music genre.

But Sarkodie, on the other hand, denied ever claiming to be the originator of Azonto.

In an interview with Andy Dosty, he stated that joining the #BringBackAzonto campaign is not an obligation.

Sarkodie and Shatta Wale

The controversial dancehall musician started off the year with direct jabs at the BET Award-winner (Sarkodie).

Shatta Wale has on several occasions, jabbed Sarkodie on social media.
He has recorded several diss songs with hopes of getting a response from the rapper but each time he did, the “Oofeetso” hitmaker either ignored or responded with a cryptic message on his social media pages.

The tension between the two became wild until Sarkodie later released ‘Sub Zero’, a song that saw the rapper throw generic jabs at the self-acclaimed dancehall king.

Reacting to Sarkodie’s diss track, Shatta asserted that it was wrong for Sarkodie to have released a diss song when coronavirus infections and death tolls are increasing.

Sista Afia’s diss song to Sister Derby

Sista Afia released a hip-hop tune on Wednesday, April 22, 2020, titled “WMT”. The song was focused at shading some ladies in the entertainment industry for being ‘cougars’. It was speculated that some lines in "WMT" were directed at Sister Derby who once dated rapper Medikal despite being 10 years older than him.

Eno Barony vs. Sista Afia

Sista Afia took the whole country by surprise when she ventured into rap music. Her rap song which seemed like a diss track triggered a serious beef among some female rappers.

She had a response from Eno, who fired back with “Rap Goddess”. It escalated into a body shamming fight when they released subsequent diss songs.

Freda Rhymz vs. Sista Afia

The lyrical brawl between these two Ghanaian female artistes got so intense that but for the timely intervention of some people present, these two would have disfigured each other at the premises of TV3 and also at the UTV studios.

This was because their musical beef turned personal and became violent.

It all started when Freda Rhymz, who waded into a musical beef between Sista Afia and Eno Barony recorded a diss track for the “Jeje” hitmaker.
Freda threw jabs and leveled all kinds of damning accusations against Sista Afia in her diss track.

This, however, did not sit well with Sister Afia as she vowed to deal mercilessly with Freda in a series of tweets.

They also appeared on the United Showbiz show where there was a brawl. But they united with their first collaboration, titled “Saucy”.

Medikal vs. Eno Barony

Eno Barony incurred the “wrath” of Medikal when she described him as Sista Afia’s ghost-writer and jabbed him in her song “Argument done”. This resulted in a Twitter war between the two.

“Don’t ever think I will waste time recording a diss track to a female rapper, especially when the person looks like a corpse. Issa dead tin” Medikal tweeted and in a quick reply.

Eno replied saying: “No be today I be corpse bro I was born dead. So you can’t kill me”.

Eno’s response did not end there as the female rapper in an exclusive interview with GhanaWeb’s Talkertainment labelled Medikal a “ghost”.

“It is only a ghost who can identify a corpse” she fired!

Sarkodie vs. Stonebwoy

The friendship that once existed between the two buddies came to an abrupt end at the ‘Happy day’ hitmaker’s ‘Black love’ concert.

It was reported that at the pre-recording of the concert, Stonebwoy’s session was delayed by Sarkodie’s manager, Angel Town, who prioritized Shatta Wale’s session instead.

A brawl broke between Stonebwoy and Angel, and the latter was allegedly assaulted in the process. Sarkodie filed a police report and that was how their years of friendship ended this year.

Sarkodie vs. Asem

US-based Ghanaian rapper, Asem this year launched several attacks on Sarkodie with frequent diss freestyles and tweets.

At some point, the rapper claimed Sarkodie paid for his BET Awards.
“Everybody know say the BET/Ebi pay you dey pay/Daa na wo cheati,” he said in one of his freestyles. But Sarkodie dropped “CEO Flow” featuring US rap legend E-40, and muted him.

Aisha Modi vs. Obrafour

Music investor and Stonebwoy’s die-hard fan, Aisha Modi claimed she invested in Obrafour’s career and received scorn in return.

Earlier this year, she appeared on ‘The Delay’ show where she claimed to have invested $45,000 in Obrafour’s “Kasiebo” album but never made any profit after the investment.

But reacting to the development, Obrafour refuted those claims and has since filed a lawsuit against Aisha.

In the writ of summons, Obrafour is demanding a retraction and apology from Ayisha Modi and the host and producers of the Delay Show

Stonebwoy vs. Samini

Samini felt betrayed by his protégé (Stonebwoy) for smoking the peace pipe with his arch-rival Shatta Wale.

Right after Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale patched their differences and announced that they will hold a lyrical battle on Asaase Radio’s “Sound Clash”, Samini expressed disappointment in his ‘son’ saying; “when the expose exposes the exposed. God no go shame us la.”

He recorded a diss song for Stonebwoy following his decision to make peace with ShattaWale who was once their common enemy.