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Music of Saturday, 13 October 2018

Source: Denis Andaban

Badingu to work on ‘Donee’ remix with Ivorian reggae legendary Ismael Isaac

Ibrahim Badingu play videoIbrahim Badingu

Ibrahim Badingu the famous Afro pop artist is set to work with his new partner to produce his lyrical track ‘Donee’ remix.

The Donee track which Badingu released a couple of years ago continue to get enough play time on numerous programs including radio programs, events and funerals. It was a hit in the three Northern Regions.

Ibrahim Badingu made this revelation after his tour of Ivory Coast where he met an Ivorian reggae legend, Isaac Ismael. The duo performed on same platform in Ivory Coast. The legend also hosted Badingu and guide him through his (Badingu) tour.

It does appear that they have a common musical philosophy and wish to collaborate to do something big in the future. Badingu also indicated that apart from Jamaica, Ivory Coast is one of the suitable homes of reggae music hence his decision to tour that country to make new links with colleague artistes, producers and event organisers as well as make efforts to penetrate the music market.

Ibrahim Badingu popularly called Ras Badingu is one of the popular musicians in the North. His melody and style are unique. He has enjoyed a popular support from his home Region, Upper West, for some time now and continue to gain popularity. Most of his tracks are easy to sing along with and mostly propagates the culture of the people.

His ability to perform with live band has earned him many prominent platforms beyond Ghana.

When asked about his plans for the future, he says " for the mean time, I want to finish with some remix work with some partners. But I have something big for the people of the Upper West Region. I have been working on a project with some white partners to bring something big home and I would not want to jump the gun now, you know."

He also admonished young talented musicians in the Upper West Region to work very hard in humility, support one another and aspire for greater heights. He added "Upper West Region is blessed with a lot of talents and people should identify such and invest in them to grow but nobody will invest in young musicians who are arrogant and disrespectful and that is why they must be humble".

Asking him about the quality of music from the Upper West Region, Badingu said it is a matter of choice though he prefers a music style that portrays the culture of the Region.

He added, "That is the only way musicians can make the Region proud and that it can also promote tourism and other investments into the Region."

The "Pogsaraa" hit maker is expected to finish his collaborations before December.

It has also come out that Badingu has signed a contract with MTN Ghana to enable him come out with, and market his album. He was spotted in the recent Kobine festival in Lawra where he performed live. What is not clear, however, is whether he was there as part of the contractual agreement with MTN Ghana which was a headline sponsor of this year’s Kobine festival or not.