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Entertainment of Tuesday, 24 September 2019

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Ayana signs to Zack Entertainment, another feminine pressure hits GH music

Ayana Ayana

On Wednesday 21st August, Ayana signed her signature to Zack Entertainment's record deal inside the label's lawyer's Spintex office amidst invited witnesses from both sides and a neutral collective media hub.

The Zack Entertainment management neither made a public disclosure of the album cycle agreed on nor the contract's exact term to the present media collective, but it hinted that the Ayana deal is a long term contract.

Tied tight to management's already readied fourth quarter promo plan (without even a week's delay button), Ayana would be working off a swift start to close the year with a few brand exposure releases which are mainly market-testing mash-up covers prior to the pre-timed releases of her very originals.

Ayana's music wears no core uni-genre tag, she steps hard through AfroBeats, Dancehall, Reggae Lovers Rock, Hi-Life, WorldMusic and also experiments with alternative music and fuse pieces along the way.

With her top game winning combination of naturally eye-pleasing body features, free-spirit persona, good team player skills, top quality commercial music and smart lyricism backed by a solid hardworking management team, Zack Entertainment confirms that Ayana is a good investment and the label's is highly optimistic that it won't take her much later to make massive waves in the music scene (Ghana and beyond).