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Asking for space not necessarily pre-breakup strategy – William Diego Parker Benin

William Diego Parker-Benin play videoWilliam Diego Parker-Benin

One of the most uncomfortable truths in relationships is the desire to have some space, without the partner feeling that there is a breakup in the pipeline. Asking for space does not however necessarily mean there is an urge or a need for a breakup, according to Diego Parker, a guest on Moans and Cuddles.

The media personality made the revelation when he took his turn as a guest on Ghanaweb TV’s Moans and Cuddles show.

According to him, people sometimes need the time to evaluate the relationship to make sure it is going in the right direction.

When people do not feel whole, do not see the future of the relationship, or when people want more he says, they tend to seek to have some space to look back, do some deep thinking and to access what may be going wrong.

He added that people have expectations when it comes to relationships, and when it appears those are not being met by their partners, they become edgy and in such cases, it is just right that they take some time to look at what they are doing wrong and to fix it.

Moans and Cuddles episode 5 looked at the topic ‘Asking for space in a relationship’

Check the full episode below: